Supra Flat 2X1.6


Bảo Hành: 12 tháng.

Lắp Đặt, Tư Vấn: Miễn phí.

Giao Hàng: Tận Nơi.

Liên Hệ: * 0979.469.678 *

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Mechanical Specifications

Cross. Area: 1.6 / 15 (mm2/AWG)
No. Conductors: 2
No. Wires/Conductor: 96
Wire Diameter: 0.15 (mm)
Wire Material: Tin Plated OFC
Jacket: Heat & Ageing Resitant PVC
Ext. Size: 1.95x11.7 (mm)
Weight: 5.4 (g/m)
Tape Included:
Flat 2x1.6 white 10m: 10m of Tape
Flat 2x1.6 white 20m: 20m of Tape
Flat 2x1.6 white B100: Sample, 10m of Tape/bobbin

Electrical performance

Resistance: 10.8 (Ohm/km)
Inductance: 0.36 (uH/m)