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Type Wireless Active Compacts peaker
Engineering Principle 2-way bass reflex
Systempower 350 watts per speaker
Frequency response 28...30.000 Hz
Crossover frequency 3.000 Hz
Mid-/Woofersystem 1 x 180 mm (7''), Aluminium (Wave surround)
Tweeter 1 x 25 mm (1''), Aluminium-manganese (Wave surround)
Connection 1 x Analogue input (chinch)
1 x Bluetooth® 3.0 Interface (apt-X® Decoding for transmission in CD quality)
1 x Digital Input (coaxial)
1 x Digital Input (optical)
1 x USB-Input with XMOS® technology
1 x XLR (Balanced)
Features Decoder: Dolby Audio®, DTS Digital Surround®
Internal wireless network to connect to other Smart Series models
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Virtual Surround for Stereo, Musik & Surround Sound
Virtual Center at 4.0 home cinema mode
Special Features Wireless transmission between speakers
Easy installation - one cable to the TV set, one cable to the wall socket
Volume adjustment per loudspeaker
Setting the listening distance per loudspeaker
Voice function - for better speech reproduction in stereo & surround sound
Equalizer - adaptation to spatial conditions
Dynamic Range Control - Setting the Dynamic Range
Sleep timer - Setting the turn-off time
IR learning function - controllable with TV / system remote control
Input Direct Dial - ideal for system remote controls
IR clear function - simplest deletion of unwanted learning functions
Automatic switch-on and switch-off
Configuration of the inputs - Input renaming
LipSync function - for exact speech synchronization
System Volume - Setting the Maximum Level
Restore factory settings - Reset function
Wireless Speaker Pairing - pairing of the wireless loudspeakers
Bluetooth Select - Automatically selects BT input
Autoplay Function - Automatic Bluetooth® Playback
USB Playback
fabric grill with magnetic mount
Dimensions (WxHxD) 19 x 36 x 28 cm
(7.5" x 14.2" x 11")
Weight 7.5 kg
Power consumption ECO/MAN: 0,35 watts, NSB: 1,2 watts (factory setting)
Available accessories LS 860
LS 660
Carton Content 1 x Smart GLE 3 (master)
1 x Smart GLE 3 (slave)
Fabric grill (magnetic)
Packaging 38 x 58 x 49 cm (15" x 22,8" x 19,3")
Weight including packaging 18 kg