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Digital Audio Input
Connector RCA jack x 1
1/8" (3.5mm) Mini jack x 1 (compatible with Optical Input)
Input Level 0.5 Vp-p
Input Impedance 75 ohms
Supported Format DSD, PCM
DSD 2.8MHz (176.4kHz/24bit DoP transfer)
PCM 32k / 44.1k / 48k / 88.2k / 96k / 176.4k /192kHz, 16 / 24bit
Connector TOS link x 1
1/8" Mini Optical jack x 1 (compatible with Coaxial Input)
Input Level –24.0 to –14/5dBm peak
Supported Format DSD, PCM
DSD 2.8MHz (176.4kHz/24bit DoP transfer)
PCM 32k / 44.1k / 48k / 88.2k / 96k / 176.4k /192kHz, 16 / 24bit
Connector USB B type x 1
Supported Format DSD, PCM
DSD 2.8M / 5.6M / 11.2MHz
PCM 32k / 44.1k / 48k / 88.2k / 96k / 176.4k /192k / 352.8k / 384kHz, 16 / 24 / 32bit
Analog Audio Input
Connector RCA jack x 1 pair
Input Impedance 51k ohms
Sensitivity 130mV
Analog Audio Output
Balanced XLR 3-32 x 1 pair
Unbalanced RCA jack x 1 pair
Output Impedance
Balanced 188 ohms
Unbalanced 150 ohms
Max Output Level
Fixed (0dB) 2.0Vrms (XLR/RCA)
Fixed (+6dB) 4.0Vrms (XLR/RCA)
Variable 12.0Vrms (XLR), 6Vrms (RCA)
Frequency Response 5Hz to 80kHz (+1dB/–3dB)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Balanced 112dB (A-weighted, 1kHz)
Unbalanced 110dB (A-weighted, 1kHz)
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.0015% (1kHz, LHF: 20Hz to 20kHz)
Headphone Output
Connectors 1/4" (6.3mm) Stereo jack x 2
Format Balanced, Active Ground, Unbalanced
Balanced Tip: HOT, Ring: COLD, Shield: GND
Active Ground Tip: HOT, Ring: COLD, Shield: GND
Unbalanced Tip: L, Ring: R, Shield: GND
Max Output Power
Balanced 700mW + 700mW (32ohms loaded, THD 1%)
Unbalanced 500mW + 500mW (32ohms x 1 loaded, THD 1%)
350mW + 350mW (32ohms x 2 loaded, THD 1%)
Supported Headphone Impedance 16 to 600 ohms
Audio Settings
Up-conversion x8, x4, x2, Off
DSD Cut-off Frequency 50kHz, 150kHz
PCM Digital Filter FIR Sharp, FIR Slow, Short-delay Sharp, Short-delay Slow
Line Output RCA, XLR (Pin2: HOT), XLR (Pin3:HOT)
Line Output Level Fixed (0dB), Fixed (+6dB), Variable, Off
Supported OS
Windows Windows 10 (32/64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32/64-bit),
Windows 8 (32/64-bit), Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
Macintosh El Capitan (10.11.1), Yosemite(OS X10.10), Mavericks(OS X10.9),
Mountain Lion(OS X10.8), Lion(OS X10.7)
Operation Power
US/Canada AC 120V, 60Hz
UK/Europe AC 230V, 50Hz
Power Consumption 16 Watts (0.4 Watts at Standby Mode)
Overall Dimensions
(including protrusions)
11.4" (W) x 3.2" (H) x 9.8" (D)
290 (W) x 81.2 (H) x 248.7 (D) mm
Weight 9.3 lbs. / 4.2 kg
Accessories Remote control (RC-1319), AAA Batteries x 2, RCA-Mini Plug Cable, Power Cord, Cushion for Foot x 3, Owner's Manual (including Warranty card)
Up-convert Chart
Up-convert Settings Off 2Fs 4Fs 8Fs DSD
INPUT 384kHz 384kHz 384kHz 384kHz 384kHz 12.2MHz
352.8kHz 352.8kHz 352.8kHz 352.8kHz 352.8kHz 11.2MHz
192kHz 192kHz 192kHz 192kHz 384kHz 12.2MHz
176.4kHz 176.4kHz 176.4kHz 176.4kHz 352.8kHz 11.2MHz
96kHz 96kHz 96kHz 192kHz 384kHz 12.2MHz
88.2kHz 88.2kHz 88.2kHz 176.4kHz 352.8kHz 11.2MHz
48Hz 48kHz 96kHz 192kHz 384kHz 12.2MHz
44.1kHz 44.1kHz 88.2kHz 176.4kHz 352.8kHz 11.2MHz
32kHz 32kHz 64kHz 128kHz 256kHz 8MHz